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The BEEtoolkit is a web based system helps you manage B-BBEE by allowing you to create monthly scorecards, analyse gaps in compliance and build scenarios for improvement. A built in project planner helps you implement your strategy and prepare for verification. It includes numerous sector charters and easily consolidates multiple entities into a single scorecard.



Embedded within the Scenario Planner is a Gap Analysis tool that enables companies to identify the changes that need to be made in order to reach their target B-BBEE status. The recommended approach is for companies to use the Scorecard Calculator to establish a baseline that reflects the company's current, real B-BBEE status. Once the baseline is established, the company then creates a Target Scorecard that reflects the points (per element and sub-element) that the company would like to achieve. With a target and baseline in place, the company is ready to start assessing the gaps and making plans to close them.

As changes are made within the Scenario Planner, the gap analysis will update to reflect the remaining gap between the changes made in the scenario and the targets set by the company. The Gap Analysis will not only show companies what point differences exist, but even recommend (in Rand values or head counts) what changes should be effected to obtain the desired score.

This allows companies to independently refine a strategy that best suites their operations and constraints, without the need for expensive consulting services


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