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The BEEtoolkit is a web based system helps you manage B-BBEE by allowing you to create monthly scorecards, analyse gaps in compliance and build scenarios for improvement. A built in project planner helps you implement your strategy and prepare for verification. It includes numerous sector charters and easily consolidates multiple entities into a single scorecard.



An overall B-BBEE scorecard target is typically based on the target compliance levels achievable per scorecard element and sub-element. Companies use The Scenario Planner to assess the impact of planned or recommended initiatives. Mpowered recommends utilizing this functionality to quantify and calculate a target B-BBEE compliance level for the company per sub-element of the B-BBEE scorecard.

The Scenario Planner can also be used to assess the impact of any minor or major changes planned or recommended at a very detailed level. This type of assessment greatly simplifies and informs the development of a company's B-BBEE strategy. Assess the impact of any change on the demographical representation of owners, managers, employees, the B-BBEE compliance of a supplier, or the change in contribution level for Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development at any time during the year.


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