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The BEEtoolkit is a web based system helps you manage B-BBEE by allowing you to create monthly scorecards, analyse gaps in compliance and build scenarios for improvement. A built in project planner helps you implement your strategy and prepare for verification. It includes numerous sector charters and easily consolidates multiple entities into a single scorecard.



The BEEtoolkit offers an intuitive interface that walks the user through the process of capturing all the data required to establish a B-BBEE scorecard. The seven B-BBEE elements are represented in a clear and accessible manner enabling users the ability to switch between screens as data becomes available within the company.


The Scorecard Calculator can be used to establish a baseline B-BBEE scorecard that is used to assess the compliance of a company for a prior fiscal period or a year-to-date live period.



Each user is created with their own set of permissions. Users can be given granular access to specific elements, being allowed to either view only, or have full rights to an element's data. Companies can also control which tools within the BEEtoolkit a user should be allowed to use.


The BEEtoolkit enables a company to calculate multiple scorecards per entity, with an unlimited number of users. A manager with overall accountability for BBBEE can access the system at any time to review the B-BBEE compliance of the company. They can also track the progress of a B-BBEE project, be it the implementation of a BBBEE strategy, a year to date scorecard, or preparing for verification.


A company with multiple subsidiaries, divisions or other entities can capture the B-BBEE data at each level. With the appropriate setup, the BEEtoolkit will automatically establish a group consolidated scorecard. This is particularly useful for companies seeking to measure B-BBEE compliance per entity, but wish to verify a group consolidated B-BBEE scorecard. Companies opting for this level of reporting often drive decentralized execution and measurement of BBBEE compliance, with centralized control and verification


Users across an organization have complete visibility of all aspects of the broader B-BBEE process, from scorecard calculation and tracking to the verification of a scorecard.

A head office may track the compliance of each subsidiary by monitoring live B-BBEE scorecards and reviewing the B-BBEE strategies contained in the respective scenario planning and project management tools.



Many sector-specific charters have been coded and are available. Some of them include: Generic, Transport (Road Freight), Tourism, Specialised Entities and Construction.



The BEEtoolkit allows users to capture information at a level that best suits the needs of the company. Data may be uploaded at a detailed level per line item (recommended) or at a summary level. When entering data per line item, a user may input each field individually or upload multiple fields using a spreadsheet upload function.



Companies can view detailed information about their scorecard using the "Scorecard Summary" view. This view breaks down each scorecard element into its sub-elements, showing the compliance target and the actual values achieved.



The BEEtoolkit enables a user to download reports for each scorecard element. These reports are very useful when preparing packs for verification. Some of the reports include:

  • Scorecard summary details
  • Summary data
  • Detailed data

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